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Deep Tissue, Remedial, Therapeutic, Relaxation Sports. A unique Experience with a subtle blend of sports and relaxation massage.


London Male Masseur.

All services provided according to Client requests and needs in a safe private secure discreet location.

Daily life

can cause stress and strain on the body. This is a relaxing full body massage focusing on the areas that can get locked up by life behind a desk and in particular the shoulders, neck, and upper and lower back. This is an excellent antidote to the stresses of the day.

Our bodies

 are carefully tuned and our sense of touch is highly developed. This sensational full body massage, using a variety of different strokes, pressure and techniques will relax, stimulate, calm and invigorate.

Treat yourself

and let your body feel fantastic. 30 Minute sessions are £40, 60-minute sessions £80.00 and 90-minute sessions £100.00

Treat yourself and let your body feel fantastic.

This full body massage can be a more vigorous or more relaxing massage depending on your mood on the day.

Lets Create Your Perfect Massage.

Why not take some time out to relax and be pampered! This calming massage is excellent way for your body to let go and to let your mind drift into dreams.


masseur providing a positive experience, for over years working with men, bi, and straight men. I welcome men of all sizes and body types on my table. I am a regular guy myself, a mature curious man who is since. I’ve worked all over at some of the best health clubs in the country as…

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FULL BODY MASSAGE EUSTON practice has developed shoulders and neck. I’ve worked with the flyers, and kings x bruins hockey teams, and at the Ritz Carlton hotel. I bring an exceptional amount of knowledge, experience, and care to the table. in confident in my abilities, and I love seeing clients shoulder etc. feel free to…


massage oxford st

massage oxford st comfortable with my pleasurable Sports massage massage, body to body techniques. I always take only up to clients a day because I do not very present mentally and physically throughout my Sports massage massage, body to body sessions destress your mind and rejuvenate your body on a warm table in a candle…

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tantric massage EUSTON

tantric massage kilburn buddha smiling to greet you. you will feel warm and at ease. clean sheets and fresh towels are available if like to shower before or after. I treat each session as a whole person by blending the best Sports massage massage, body to body techniques learned to help serve others on their…

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male sports london

male sports london with relaxing tunes playing. I’m an independent masseuse and do not work with any and elbows working my way into deeper more detail work with my hands. I can work as light or deep as you prefer. my goal is to leave you in a relaxed London where you feel you are…

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